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The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 3 PC Game Free Download-CODEX [REPACK]

Clementine, now a fierce and capable survivor, has reached thefinal chapter in her journey. After years on the road facingthreats both living and dead, a secluded school might finally beher chance for a home. But protecting it will mean sacrifice. Clemmust build a life and become a leader while still watching over AJ,an orphaned boy and the closest thing to family she has left. Inthis gripping and emotional final season, you will define yourrelationships, fight the undead, and determine how Clementine sstory ends.

The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 3 PC Game Free Download-CODEX

She has completed the final chapter of her long and challenging journey as a fierce and capable survivor. This is The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 1 PC Game. She has spent years on the road fighting threats from both the living and the dead, and she may have finally found a home at a secluded school. However, its protection requires a sacrifice. This is Clem. A girl must learn to build a life and rise as a leader as she watches over AJ, a boy who is orphaned and is the closest thing she has to family. In this final season, you will have to define your relationships, take down the undead, and determine the fate of Clementine.

By clicking on the button below you can start download the walking dead the final season episode 3 full and complete game setup. You should also install some extracting tool like Winrar in your computer because highly compressed game setup is provided in a single download link game and it may contains Zip, RAR or ISO file. Game file password is ofg


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