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[S3E21] Forever

Mon-El could leave forever next episode. He and Kara could get married. Both seem equally plausible because we have abandoned the internal logic that guides these characters, guides this show. Things seem desperate, scrambling. To the point of improv.

[S3E21] Forever


Piper is by herself, now that Prue is a dog and Phoebe is a banshee and even more so after Leo warns her: if Phoebe kills anyone, she will be a banshee forever. Piper "loses it" and accidentally blows up Grams' sewing machine because she was tired of Leo telling her to relax, but he, again, manages to calm Piper. Finally, Piper knows what to do.

Serena tracks William down at the helipad and asks him if the story is true. He admits that when he cured Lily the first time, he fell in love with her again and he realized he wanted to be a part of their family again. He apologizes, and says he was scared he wouldn't be given a chance. She tells him to go before the police get there, and that while she doesn't forgive him, she doesn't need to punish him so he can leave. They embrace, and William leaves as the police sirens grow louder. Back at the VDW's, Lily apologizes to Rufus for not believing him. She then goes upstairs, and Jenny reminds Rufus that she thought he cheated on her and was out to leave town with her ex husband; plus that he and Lily are always having problems that have nothing to do with William. Finally, she asks what's so wrong with wanting her life to go back to normal, and Rufus answers that their life is their normal and she is the one who needs to get back to normal. He goes upstairs, and Eric tells Jenny that if she doesn't want to be apart of their family, no one is forcing her to stay. She thinks about it, and leaves the apartment. Downstairs, Blair and Chuck wait together, and he tells her that he knows she felt the pull between them all night. She says that doesn't change anything, but he disagrees. He proposes that she meet him on top of The Empire State Building the next day, or he will close his heart to her forever. She promises she won't be there, then leaves with Cameron. As they walk away, Cameron tells Blair about rugby, and she catches sight of The Empire State Building. Back at the helipad, Serena finishes with the police and takes a call from Nate. She says that she got to William before the police, and he should know now why she doesn't tell him things; then hangs up. Afterwards, she gets back in her car and thanks Dan for coming with her. At The Empire, Nate is pouring himself a drink when Jenny enters with her suitcase. He gestures inside, letting her know she can stay.

Savannah Walker: Does it get to you? Steve McGarrett: Excuse me? Savannah Walker: Having to inform a loved one about a death. Steve McGarrett: It's difficult. You're delivering the worst information anybody's ever gonna tell them, and you're about to change their life forever with that information. Savannah Walker: How do you cope with that? Steve McGarrett: You don't cope with it. You use it to keep going.

Heading back to H.Q, it becomes clear that Noodles' life with Steven and Jen will never be peaceful unless he and J.D. can learn to coexist peacefully. Unfortunately, for the first time in forever, Lucky is stumped on what the next move should be; it becomes clear the aid of an expert is required. A quick journey to a local daycare brings Lucky & Cookie to Doc, a dog who has lived at daycare "since the day it was open". Though Doc's mental state is questionable, he is able to give some advice- alas, it's nothing good, as his only solution is to "get him out of there before that baby ruins him"!

At the local zoo, the gang (minus Squirt, who is faking being J.D. to keep Steven and Jen distracted) tails the McLeish family to get J.D. back (with Noodles bashing himself, claiming stress made him do some crazy things). Surprisingly, Doc and the daycare kids are there- and, for the first time in forever, Doc is happy! The reason why is that Richie, the only child that Doc ever bonded with, came back to tell Doc that he loves him. Glad to see that Doc is in better spirits, the pack quickly finds J.D. in a dangerous situation- he slipped out of the stroller and actually walked into the lion cage! Immediate action in need, Noodles jumps into the cage and distracts the lions, allowing a local zookeeper to save them both. Oddly enough, Strudel comes to a strange epiphany- the FKD does match pups with their perfect people, but those people are almost always children; thus, it would seem that the FKD is capable of predicting certain events (to an extent), such as the fact that Steven and Jen would have a kid! While left pondering, the Pound Puppies return J.D. and Noodles home, just as J.D. says his first word- "Noodles". The family reunion is splendid (but not for McLeish), and as the episode draws to a close, Noodles and J.D. share a little playtime together. 041b061a72


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