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Skin. Like. Sun. (2009) Watch Online ((FREE))

scout everyone in the theater, but forget about the actors. ive begun searching out the dates of birth and death of people i know and have previously assumed were unimpressive. did they live long enough to produce a family? what were their parents like? what was their children like? after thinking about this project for some time, ive come to believe that the self, despite all our rationalizations, are like the die cast. the shape of them can never change. the people who matter to us, those we are connected to for love and glory or for society and immortality, those were born of them, that is, in a sense, the fate of all of us and, whether or not we like it, everyone is going to pop in and out of our lives, leave traces of herself, like initials or doodles, everywhere we look. are there any questions?

skin. like. sun. (2009) watch online


we never realized how lovely she was, because we had always had her measure. if someone had a hundred daughters and selected her for us, she would have been the most beautiful, because of some secret generosity in her, something tender, something generous that we couldn t understand. we would have been the lucky ones, the ones that had been given a hundred daughters, and it would have been our turn to give the most beautiful a hundred sons. we would have seen to that. we would have given the gift of longevity, so that we would never grow old ourselves.

i saw charlotte through wet splashes, rain, sleet, the buttresses of a half-finished bridge, all of which she passed, paused for a spell to get her bearings, and then set about resuming her stormy progress. she walked almost blindly, with the most endearing, delighted awkwardness, as though she was taking a few steps more to buy a flower. she looked up to ask me what i meant by a watch. i didn t know what she was talking about. she went on, saying that she had changed her mind; she didn t want to go on anymore. by the time we got back to the square, she wasn t going to fight any more, she wasn t going to stay in the room, she wasn t going to talk about it. i told her we would take her to bed. she shouted, you cant do that, you cant bed me; you cant have me to lie in the bed with you. you cant have the bed to lie in. you cant have me now; you cant have me to lie in the bed, i cant have any more beds to lie in. i could do anything to her, she could do anything to me. her father hadn t done anything to her, and her mother wasn t going to have anything to do with her. we stood there, me and my father, and the three of us stood and looked at each other and laughed, and it was like the laughter of the very worst kind of men and women and the worst kind of women and men made into one, and the laughter was black, and the night was black, and the rain was black, and we stood there like that in the winter night, and i was glad she had come down to this street in this city, and it would be the last thing she ever felt or did in this city.


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