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Persevere \/\/TOP\\\\

The adjective persevering can be used to describe those who persevere or their actions, as in Without the persevering efforts of our first responders, we would not have been able to save so many lives.


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The early settlers of the New World persevered in the face of constant hardship and danger. The Pilgrims of Plymouth Plantation lost half their number in the first winter to disease and hunger, but their perseverance paid off, and within five years their community was healthy and self-sufficient. Perhaps more remarkable are all the solitary inventors who have persevered in pursuing their visions for years, lacking any financial support and laughed at by the public.

"to persist in what one has undertaken, to pursue steadily a design or course," late 14c., perseveren, from Old French perseverer "continue, persevere, endure" and directly from Latin perseverare "continue steadfastly, persist," from persevereus "very strict, earnest," from per "very" (see per) + severus "serious, grave, strict, austere," which is probably from PIE root *segh- "to have, hold," on the notion of "steadfastness, toughness." Related: Persevered; persevering.

Tackling the world virtually has certainly made an impact on my life, and I have been able to reflect on how it has affected me and my lifestyle. Being able to persevere this semester is something I am very proud of and it has allowed me look into the future.

More than just trying hard, perseverance is the willpower to not give in and never quit. It comes from a spirit that refuses to accept the failure of giving up. A leader who perseveres goes through the process of working through technical problems and finishing projects when there is much confusion. Leaders achieve success through their talent, insight, adjustability, and wisdom. Perseverance skills are an important feature of success in life.

The people of Amhara and in-country Carter Center teams and ministerial partners persevered. The Trachoma Control Program constantly monitored the security situation. When an area was deemed safe, the teams would do as much as possible to ensure the program maintained consistent assistance in all aspects of preventing blinding trachoma. Working around evacuations and constant risk, the program continued to provide sight-saving surgery, hygiene instruction, and the vital annual dose of azithromycin household by household. Unfortunately, we could not do everything we had planned to do, but we did more than many might have thought possible under the circumstances.

During this period of COVID-19 and great additional upheaval caused by the insecurity in and around Amhara, over 30,000 surgeries were performed and more than 14 million doses of antibiotics (Zithromax and tetracycline eye ointment) were distributed. In the most difficult of times, The Carter Center, the Ministry of Health, the regional health authorities, and our amazing donors persevere. This perseverance and resilience are born out of a compassionate desire to stop this terrible disease and ensure a world free from trachoma. 041b061a72


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