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Mapuaentranceexamreviewerpdf Extra Quality

How to Ace the Mapua Entrance Exam: A Comprehensive Reviewer PDF

If you are planning to apply for the Mapua Institute of Technology, one of the top engineering schools in the Philippines, you might be wondering how to prepare for their entrance exam. The Mapua Scholastic Aptitude Examination (MSAE) is a test that measures your academic potential and readiness for college. It covers topics such as English, Mathematics, Science, and Abstract Reasoning. The MSAE is not only a requirement for admission, but also a basis for scholarship grants and course placement.


To help you ace the MSAE, we have prepared a comprehensive reviewer PDF that you can download for free. This reviewer contains 25 questions that are similar to the ones you will encounter in the actual exam. It also includes answer keys and explanations for each question. By taking this reviewer, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the format and difficulty level of the MSAE, as well as review the concepts and skills that you have learned from your secondary school years.

However, please remember that this reviewer is not the actual exam that you will take prior to your admission. The MSAE has its own format and sets of questions that may vary depending on the year and condition. Therefore, we suggest that you also go to the school and ask the admission officer for more details about the entrance exam. You can also find more beneficial files and articles on our website.

So what are you waiting for? Download our Mapua Entrance Exam Reviewer PDF now and start your preparation for your dream school!

Tips and Strategies for the MSAE

Besides using our reviewer PDF, you can also follow these tips and strategies to increase your chances of passing the MSAE:

  • Review the basics. The MSAE is not a test of advanced knowledge, but of fundamental concepts and skills. Review the basic topics in English, Mathematics, Science, and Abstract Reasoning that you have learned from grade 7 to 10. You can use your textbooks, notes, or online resources to refresh your memory.

  • Practice your speed and accuracy. The MSAE is a timed test that requires you to answer as many questions as possible within a limited time. To improve your speed and accuracy, practice solving problems under time pressure. You can use a timer or a stopwatch to simulate the exam conditions. You can also take mock tests or online quizzes to gauge your performance.

  • Manage your time wisely. During the exam, you should allocate your time wisely among the different sections. Do not spend too much time on one question or one section. If you encounter a difficult question, skip it and move on to the next one. You can always go back to it later if you have time left. You should also avoid guessing randomly, as there is a penalty for wrong answers.

  • Relax and be confident. The MSAE is not an impossible test to pass. If you have prepared well and reviewed thoroughly, you have nothing to fear. On the day of the exam, relax and be confident in your abilities. Do not let anxiety or nervousness affect your concentration. Trust yourself and do your best.

Benefits of Passing the MSAE

Passing the MSAE is not only a requirement for admission, but also a source of many benefits for aspiring Mapua students. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you pass the MSAE:

  • You can qualify for scholarship grants. Mapua offers various scholarship programs for deserving students who excel in academics, sports, arts, or leadership. Some of these programs are based on the results of the MSAE. If you score high enough on the exam, you can apply for a scholarship grant that can cover part or all of your tuition fees.

  • You can choose your preferred course. Mapua offers a wide range of courses in engineering, architecture, information technology, multimedia arts, and business administration. However, not all courses are open to all applicants. Some courses have limited slots or higher cut-off scores than others. If you pass the MSAE with a high score, you can have more options and flexibility in choosing your preferred course.

  • You can get a head start in your college life. Mapua is known for its rigorous and challenging curriculum that follows the quarter system. This means that you will have shorter terms but more subjects per term than other schools. If you pass the MSAE, you can get a head start in adjusting to the academic demands and expectations of Mapua. You can also meet other incoming freshmen who share your interests and goals.



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